Affiliation Blogger Template

Affiliation Blogger template is a personal portfolio Blogger template. It is highly responsive, SEO friendly, and has a super-fast loading speed.

Affiliation Blogger Template Features

Affiliation Blogger template is made for professionals who want to showcase their portfolios. Affiliation Blogger template is the best way to showcase your Portfolio using Blogger.
This is a mod version of Affiliation Blogger template which is origially developed by SoraTemplates. I have optimized the codes and removed all the encrypted scripts so that the template file size reduces which will help to load the blog faster. Continue reading about all the features of Affiliation Blogger template below.

SEO Friendly

This template is optimised for SEO. It has all the latest tags necessary for SEO

Responsive Design

This template can be viwed on any devices as it is highly responsive

Minimal codes

The template is very light weight. Less codes are used to reduce the size.

Encryption Free

This template does not contain any encrypted scripts.

Caching Enabled

Browser caching is enable by default for all the assets.


Blazing fast speed. Loads within seconds. A grade score in GTMetrix

Prefetch DNS

Prefetch DNS enabled to help load third party assets fastly.


This template is highly customizable.

Optimized Assets

We have optimized CSS and JS to the fullest to achieve amazing loading speed

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What our clients say

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Richard Roe

Richard Roe

UX Designer

Amazing speed. Very impressive

Janie Doe

Janie Doe

UI Designer

One of the best landing page blogger template.

Katie Fox

Katie Fox

Fashion Blogger

I highly recommend using Affiliation Blogger Template

Melisa Edwards

Melisa Edwards

Food Critic

Affiliation blogger template is one of the best single page template